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Apply Techology to Optimize the Performance of Places

There's a storm brewing in the smart building systems market.  It seems like every day brings a deluge of products, from new players and household names alike. With so many vendors claiming the same benefits–save 15% here, or 20% there–it can be a dizzying environment to wade through. And just what is a "smart building", anyway? 

We define a "smart building" as one that takes advantage of technology to optimize the indoor environment, assuring a high-performance place where people and organizations can thrive. As consulting engineers–not sales engineers–we help you navigate these rapidly changing waters to find technology solutions that make your buildings work smarter. 

Find Your Path to Building Intelligence

Enovity takes a three-pronged approach to make your buildings smarter. 

Restore critical control functions and address any space comfort issues. 

Integrate different systems into a common user interface that works for building operators. 

Analyze data with apps that help you cut through the noise and act on the insights that matter.

Solutions for Smarter Buildings

With our practical engineering approach and hands-on knowledge of controls platforms—modern offerings from the big brands, as well as many legacy systems—you get candid assessments for greater clarity, and the convenience of a managed implementation for any technology choice.

Architecture & Design

Beginning with your objectives and aspirations, we help you define the requirements of a smart building solution that’s right for you.


All the support you need to turn your smart building vision into reality: technical project management, installation, programming, commissioning, and operator training.


If you’re stuck with outdated controls, or with a medley of different systems across your buildings, integrating them into a common front end may be the way to go.

Maintenance & Support

We handle service calls, troubleshooting, upgrades, and user training so that your system is always providing value.

Remote Management

If you have a portfolio of facilities with networked building systems, we can support these platforms and your facility management teams who depend on them. 

FM Power

For the facility manager who won’t accept anything less than peak performance, we’ve built the ultimate suite of energy analytics, fault diagnostics, and maintenance management apps.

Smart Building Projects