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About Enovity


Our Name

The Enovity name means energy, innovation, and integrity. These are the core values that make us who we are, and make the experience of working with us unique.



Buildings account for more than 40% of all energy consumption in the United States, and more than 30% of all energy consumed worldwide.

This places a tremendous responsibility on the shoulders of those who build, operate, and occupy buildings. At Enovity, we meet this challenge with optimism and a commitment to do our part. This is our passion, the energy that drives us to make buildings work better for the people and organizations who depend on them.


Tackling the challenges of energy security and climate change requires thinking outside the box.

We apply our energy to innovation: designing practical solutions, forging new partnerships, and leveraging emerging technologies to build more prosperity for our clients and our employees.


The challenges facing our clients, our industry, and our planet are real — we can’t afford to fall short. We take seriously the obligation to account for our activities, accept responsibility for them, and disclose the results in a transparent manner.

Our structure, size, and development plans foster mutual accountability and integrity in the way we conduct business.