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U.S. General Services Administration



Commissioning of this cutting-edge high-rise resolved indoor air and lighting quality issues, helping to turn the ambitious workplace design into reality.

Energy-efficient buildings can also provide healthy work environments, but only if properly commissioned. That’s the lesson of the San Francisco Federal Building, which was designed to make a statement on environmental and workplace design. Enovity’s commissioning helped GSA turn that vision into a reality.

The upper floors of the 18-story tower rely on natural ventilation for the perimeter zones, while core zones are served by an underfloor air distribution system. The mechanized metal skin (“scrim”) on the south face of the tower responds to signals from the building automation system to manage glare and control ventilation as needed.

Faced with all of this complexity, GSA turned to Enovity to commission the building and verify that the mechanical and lighting systems performed as intended. The natural ventilation system alone required simulating 10 different operating scenarios during functional testing (for instance, verifying that the tower windows automatically opened or closed based on outside air temperature and wind speed variables).

Enovity provided operations and maintenance from the building’s first day of occupancy, continuing the commissioning process to tune the systems for comfort and efficiency. Together our O&M and commissioning teams resolved several remaining construction issues, such as air leakage from the underfloor air distribution system.