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Commissioning helped Samsung deliver a higher performance place for its Device Solutions America business.

Samsung's vision for its new Device Solutions America headquarters was to create a marquee destination for top tech talent. The design team responded with a plan that brings different departments and workspaces together in two 10-story buildings, an approach that sharply diverges from the traditional design of Silicon Valley's sprawling corporate campuses. As the LEED Commissioning Authority for the campus, Enovity helped Samsung and its design and construction teams turn this innovative vision into reality.

With the vertical campus concept, the buildings contain a variety of spaces for different work types—labs for R&D, open offices for collaboration, private spaces for focus, and amenities such as a fitness center, cafeteria, and coffee bars. Flexibility in the commissioning approach was essential to ensure that the design intent was met in each space type (for instance, lighting control schemes are quite different in the open office areas than the R&D labs).

Another innovative architectural feature is the use of terraces that provide green space and outdoor access on every other floor of the towers. The resulting exposure of so many floors and ceilings posed a unique challenge for the HVAC design. While the team created a HVAC concept that is very energy efficient, it operates differently than the HVAC system in a typical office building. Therefore, we collaborated with Samsung's facility staff to develop operating procedures that maintain space comfort while preserving the efficiency of the design.