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Transbay Joint Powers Authority



Hailed as the “Grand Central Station of the West,” the Salesforce Transit Center will accommodate more than 100,000 passengers each weekday and more than 45 million people per year.

Enovity has provided LEED and whole-building commissioning for the new Salesforce Transit Center. In addition to LEED commissioning (HVAC, lighting, domestic hot water, and building automation systems), the Enovity team is commissioning fire alarm/suppression systems, communication systems, vertical transportation systems, and the mechanized windows that control natural ventilation.

The Transit Center features one of the largest geothermal heating and cooling systems ever built. This state-of-the-art system transfers heat to and from the ground, helping with temperature control and eliminating the need for space conditioning chillers and boilers. During design reviews, we collaborated with the design team and contractors to simplify the piping, reducing construction costs as well as long-term operations and maintenance expenses. Enovity engineers tested the geothermal system, buried 45 feet below the ground, to ensure the piping was installed correctly before heavily reinforced concrete was poured over it.

Other facility highlights include a cutting-edge water capture and recycling system, a 5.4-acre rooftop park, natural ventilation, and on-site renewable energy generation. These innovative features will make the Salesforce Transit Center one of the most sustainable public projects in the United States.