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Sacramento County Airport System



Thanks to whole-building commissioning of this $1-billion terminal, the Airport provides a safe, comfortable, and efficient gateway for nearly 10 million passengers per year.

In 2008, the Sacramento County Airport System broke ground on the largest capital improvement project in the history of Sacramento County. The $1-billion terminal modernization project replaced the airport’s original, aging Terminal B to meet the rising demand for passenger services and improve the airport’s ability to attract new carriers and routes.

Enovity provided LEED and whole-building commissioning for the airside concourse and landside terminal, as well as the central utility plant (CUP) that serves both buildings. As the landside and airside buildings were delivered by two separate design-build teams, Enovity effectively coordinated two commissioning schedules and teams. The CUP was the primary driver for the schedule, as many of the systems in the airside concourse and landside terminal were dependent on completion of the CUP before startup.

As critical public infrastructure, the airport required a holistic commissioning approach. For instance, during design review, Enovity found that the 12 kV electrical loop serving the campus had been omitted from the commissioning scope. Rotation testing was employed to ensure that the system maintained proper polarity during various power on/off conditions. Finally, integrated systems tests helped the Airport identify and resolve a significant electrical issue during a simulated whole-facility loss of power event. By identifying the issue before the facility opened, the Airport was able to provide a safe and reliable terminal to serve passengers for many years to come.