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City of Sacramento



Proactive teaming ensured this restored historic building enhanced passenger comfort and met the City's energy conservation goals.

The Sacramento Valley Station, built in 1926 and listed on every historic register — federal, state, and local — recently underwent a $36.5-million upgrade to revitalize the station into a modern passenger facility while retaining its historic details. Enovity provided LEED and total building systems commissioning for the project.

As the seventh busiest Amtrak station in the nation, the facility had to remain operational throughout construction and commissioning. Operating as a cohesive team with the City of Sacramento (the owner), general contractor, and subcontractors, the end goal was to complete a project that would anchor the City’s new Railyard Project, which will become a dynamic mixed-use transit-oriented development. For example, construction and commissioning were completed in two phases so as not to impact passengers. Enovity partially tested the infrastructure of most systems during Phase 1, then finished testing the entire system, including zone level components in the second phase, after the occupant spaces were renovated.

Enovity worked with the installation contractors to develop and review complex sequences of operations to ensure the new equipment functioned properly and met the City’s priority for energy conservation while maintaining occupant comfort. For example, the ticketing/waiting areas experience significant load swings due to people entering and exiting the station through the outside doors. This required a complex flow chart of if-then statements based on zone temperature, outside air temperature, supply air temperature, and loop temperatures. The commissioning team verified that these sequences worked as intended to control the radiant floor loops, fan coils, and air handling unit ventilation air temperature control. Tests have shown that the systems are meeting the City’s requirements for providing comfortable spaces for passengers.

The renovated Sacramento Valley Station was rededicated in a public ceremony in March 2017.