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Los Angeles Unified School District



New and renovated facilities are providing safe, healthy, and functional places to learn for the nation's second-largest school district.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has more than 21,000 buildings — some dating back to the 1930s — challenging the District’s Facilities Services Division (FSD) staff with the mission of keeping its buildings operable and maintained. Since 2012, Enovity has assisted the FSD with commissioning new schools and campus modernization projects. To date, Enovity has commissioned four new and one renovated school facilities that obtained Collaborative for High Performance Schools Verified status, and our team is currently commissioning nine additional renovation projects.

Enovity transfers value-added lessons learned from our full-service (inception to occupancy) commissioning, O&M, and energy efficiency expertise to offer input on complex, central plant, and alternative HVAC units. For example, during the design phase of the Alfonso B. Perez Special Education Center rehabilitation project, Enovity recommended using a variable refrigerant flow system — an air conditioner and heat pump technology — due to limited physical available space for a rooftop HVAC system and the energy efficiency benefits of the approach.

We begin our projects by looking at the O&M needs and work our way back to the initiation of design. Enovity partners with the District’s training and commissioning program managers to prepare training guidelines and standards and assists in staff training. This is particularly key in facilities with new technology not used in other District buildings and unfamiliar to O&M staff so they gain an understanding of how the systems and equipment should function. Our goal is to provide standardized and reliable systems that FSD staff can maintain to ensure dependable and consistent comfort to District staff and students.