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Los Angeles Community College District



As LACCD implements a sustainable building program to redefine the student experience, whole-building commissioning ensures that these new facilities operate right from the start.

The nation’s largest community college district, Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), educates more than 250,000 students each year in nine colleges across 40 cities. Through a $6-billion Sustainable Building and Bond Program, its nine colleges are being upgraded with technologically advanced and energy-efficient facilities. Enovity has supported LACCD with whole-building commissioning (WBCx) services on new and modernized buildings, ensuring everything works as intended on Day One for students and staff.

LACCD takes a unique approach to commissioning, adapting the process to improve construction quality control. The District's WBCx program includes architectural, structural, normal and emergency power, process systems, fixtures, and equipment in addition to the mechanical, controls, and lighting systems that are the typical focus of commissioning.

As a WBCx provider, Enovity coordinates and collaborates with the District, design and construction teams, administrative staff, building operators, and all stakeholders at the design stage through to the final stages of completion and building turnover. We also leverage in-house experts for specialized systems such as security, telecomm, and IT infrastructure.

For example, during the modernization of the Omega Data Center at LA Valley College, our team worked closely with the IT staff and all building user groups to test failure systems, ensure the operations of phone systems, IT network, fire/alarm, and security, and successfully transition the new data center systems. As the critical nerve center for the District, any lost data would mean lost time and money for LACCD; WBCx provided assurance that there would be no loss of valuable data and business activities would continue as normal.

“We owe our students and the public the most energy-efficient facilities that we can possibly provide. We are achieving that goal and producing the most environmentally friendly colleges in the state by maximizing every tax dollar we receive...Ultimately, our goal is to provide an academic environment that is conducive to student success while stressing the importance of sustainable buildings in the 21st century” - Scott Svonkin, LACCD President & Francisco Rodriguez, LACCD Chancellor