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Confidential Client


    Northern California, California


    375,000+ square feet (7 sites)


    Energy Project Delivery 



Leading not-for-profit health care system realizes half a million in annual energy and maintenance savings with cost-effective and comprehensive energy projects.

As one of the leading and largest healthcare providers in Northern California serving more than 100 cities and towns, this client strives to make their communities healthier, as well as their facilities and operations more sustainable and cost effective. Recognizing that healthcare facilities are energy intensive (using up to three times as much energy as a commercial office), our client created a Corporate Energy Program focused on implementing energy efficiency improvements in their existing hospital and clinic facilities.

With experience in hospital and healthcare facilities, Enovity put forth a performance-oriented design-build implementation approach to help deliver cost effective energy efficiency opportunities. Enovity worked with the client to adapt their project approval criteria from simple payback to internal rate of return (IRR), which increased the depth and comprehensiveness of the projects.

For example, the initial turnkey project at a San Francisco Bay Area hospital included comprehensive lighting and HVAC upgrade projects.  Enovity evaluated, designed, implemented and monitored and verified (M&V) a comprehensive LED lighting retrofit to improve light quality and reduce energy and maintenance cost. Enovity also upgraded HVAC controls and other equipment at the hospital to optimize systems operation, improve indoor air quality, and better maintain space pressure requirements. In addition to significantly improving facility function, this comprehensive project provided more than $200,000 in annual utility and maintenance savings.  Enovity also worked with the local utility to secure $55,000 in utility incentives.

Success in the Bay Area paved the way for us to complete another six turnkey energy projects thus far with annual savings exceeding $500,000 and utility incentives exceeding $120,000.