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Judicial Council of California



Performance-based operations and maintenance provides the cost-effective and flexible support that the nation's largest court system relies upon.

The Judicial Council of California (JCC) is responsible for managing the largest court system in the United States, including a portfolio of 500+ buildings spanning nearly 25 million square feet. In 2010, the JCC began procurement of its second-generation outsourced maintenance program, and solicited best practices from industry. The objective: to increase cost-effectiveness and flexibility while maintaining high service levels to the courts.

Enovity recommended a performance-based O&M contract with a fixed price for basic services. A complementary job order contract (JOC) provides streamlined procurement for capital projects such as critical infrastructure upgrades. Quality is evaluated based on 15 key performance indicators that include service call response, safety, court satisfaction, and energy and water efficiency.

Enovity serves 72 courts in the JCC’s Northern California region, which spans the coastal counties from Monterey in the South to Trinity in the North. Our team of stationary engineers and mobile service technicians operates, maintains, and repairs all court infrastructure systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire/life safety, elevators, structural, and architectural). The contract also includes landscaping and pest control services.

A full-time program management team responds to service calls and oversees facility modification projects such as mechanical upgrades, elevator retrofits, and roof repairs. Much of this work is scheduled on nights and weekends so that the courts can continue to serve the public without interruption.

Leveraging partnerships with local utilities, Enovity has delivered energy efficiency projects that combined to save the JCC more than $80,000 annually. To date, JCC and Enovity have cut electricity use by 16% and natural gas use by 37% across the facilities.