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Judicial Council of California


    7 sites across California


    1.4 million square feet



Whole-building commissioning assures that California's new courthouses are ready to serve justice on day one.

As critical public infrastructure, courthouses demand a very high standard of care during design and construction. Since 2007, the Judicial Council of California (JCC) has employed commissioning to ensure that new court construction projects are delivered fully functional and ready to serve the public on day one.

These facilities feature complex, interdependent systems to provide safe, secure, and reliable access to justice for Californians. We therefore implement a whole-building commissioning approach that tests systems such as:

  • normal and emergency power; 
  • electronic security (detention and non-detention);
  • communication (A/V, intercom, and sound control); 
  • fire/life safety; and, of course,
  • the HVAC, building automation, and lighting systems that are the typical focus of LEED commissioning.

To date, we have provided commissioning for seven Judicial Branch Capital Program projects that are completed or in progress, including the following:

  • Contra Costa County, Richard E. Arnason Justice Center
  • San Bernardino County, San Bernardino Justice Center
  • Yolo County, New Woodland Courthouse
  • San Joaquin County, New Stockton Courthouse
  • Alameda County, East County Hall of Justice
  • Santa Clara County, Santa Clara Family Justice Center
  • Siskiyou County, New Yreka Courthouse

Together these projects provide 124 new courtrooms and represent more than $1.2 billion in construction. We work alongside the design teams and the construction manager at-risk to verify that each of the critical systems in the new courts perform as expected, maximizing energy and water efficiency. Every new courthouse project aims to achieve a LEED Silver rating or better.

We've also worked with the Judicial Council staff to develop standards for the documentation that is turned over after construction projects, giving the operations and real estate teams a head start on effective long-term management of these public assets.