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Judicial Council of California



Design and commissioning of HVAC and controls upgrades have improved comfort and efficiency at 24 courthouses while minimizing impact on court operations.

When the Trial Court Facilities Act of 2002 transitioned ownership of county courthouses to the state, the Judicial Council of California assumed facility management for more than 500 courts. These facilities varied widely in condition, and many had significant issues with HVAC and controls systems functionality. As a result, the JCC needed to identify and prioritize infrastructure upgrade projects throughout the portfolio.

Enovity has worked with the JCC Facilities Management Unit to assess HVAC and controls systems in 24 existing courthouses since 2009. Our team identifies functional deficiencies, prepares concept designs and budget estimates for design/build upgrade projects, and commissions the upgrades to verify full functionality and efficiency. Much of this work is delivered after hours and on weekends in order to minimize impact on court operations.

For example, at the Santa Clara Hall of Justice, we recommended a mechanical upgrade that included replacement of an air handling unit and a chiller. The $2.4-million project was bid within $5,000 of our cost estimate, and installed and commissioned over a single weekend so that the court could stay open during normal business hours.

Throughout this program, Enovity has worked with JCC staff to develop a roadmap for building controls technologies. Many of the court facilities had legacy controls systems that were no longer supported by the original manufacturers. The technology roadmap guides design and procurement of future controls toward non-proprietary and open-protocol solutions, assuring vendor independence and long-term flexibility.