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U.S. General Services Administration



Enovity and GSA have cut energy use at this regional headquarters by more than 25% thanks to performance-focused maintenance, commissioning, and energy efficiency.

The Phillip Burton Federal Building shows what a committed owner and operations and maintenance partner can accomplish when they work together to optimize energy performance. The 21-story regional headquarters has been the focus of several sustainability initiatives over the years, dating back to the first demonstration of BACnet building automation systems in 1997.

Enovity implemented 450’s first outsourced O&M program, delivering comprehensive operations, maintenance, and repair services through a performance-based contract. A team of 15 on-site engineers maintained all of the HVAC, electrical, fire/life safety, plumbing, and architectural systems. The site team included factory-trained Alerton controls technicians who perform all of the controls work.

Over the course of the contract, Enovity worked to optimize the energy performance through a variety of initiatives:

  • Automated fault detection and diagnostic tools monitored the building’s eight air handling units and 1,200+ VAV boxes, alerting operators when performance drifts.
  • A digital lighting system controls based on occupancy and daylight, and dims for demand response.
  • Submeters tracked energy use at the system and equipment level.
  • Water efficiency strategies included metering cooling tower make-up and blowdown to account for evaporation, and installing low-flow fixtures in restrooms.

All this data empowered the on-site technicians to quickly diagnose and correct issues, drawing on Enovity’s energy efficiency experts for support as needed.

The results proved the merit of performance-focused O&M. Through this integration of preventive maintenance, ongoing commissioning, and energy retrofits, the Enovity and GSA teams cut electricity use by 26% and natural gas use by 41% compared to a 2003 baseline.