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Facilities Engineering


Design, Build, and Maintain With Efficiency in Mind

It's a fact of life that buildings, like people, don't get any younger. Even in modern, well-maintained facilities, repair and replacement needs are constantly accruing. And in dynamic business environments, user needs evolve faster than facilities and systems can keep pace, placing even more strain on already-stretched project management resources.

We integrate capital projects with performance-based operations and maintenance to give facility managers convenience, quality, and reliability. Our agile teams handle everything from replacing a faucet to replacing a roof, allowing you to focus your time on serving users instead of coordinating contractors. Whichever contracting mechanism you choose – cost-plus, IDIQ, or job order contract (JOC), to name a few – we deliver the projects that keep facilities in step with your business needs.

Get Repairs and Modifications
Done Right the First Time

Our approach for facility repair, modification, and upgrade projects focuses on delivering quality work with minimal disruption to operations.

Ideas that Work

By engaging the maintenance staff who are already working in the facilities every day, we deliver practical project recommendations and design around existing conditions.

Agile Planning

Construction work is always disruptive, but we can minimize the impact by scheduling work around critical operations and coordinating closely with tenants.

Attention to Detail

Quality assurance is built in from the start. Since our operating engineers inherit the finished product, we have a vested interest in successful outcomes.

Capital Project Solutions


Our project and construction management staff plan, estimate, and coordinate work around your operational requirements, providing timely updates to keep you informed of progress.


We offer in-house project development capability and contracting flexibility to handle the full volume of repair and modification work across your portfolio of facilities.


For high-volume capital programs, consider this streamlined procurement method that offers cost certainty and transparency for a wide range of common project types.

Capital Project Examples