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Energy Efficiency


Connecting Customers and Utilities to Get Projects Done

Utilities play a critical role in driving energy efficiency. Most energy projects rely on some form of utility assistance, from rebates and incentives to engineering services, financing, and rate structures. Navigating these complexities can make the difference between a project that gets done and a recommendation that sits on a shelf.

Enovity connects customer needs with utility business models to implement programs that deliver savings. Customers leverage our fluency with utility programs to maximize incentives and get projects approved. Utilities count on our customer engagement and technical resourcefulness to deliver the cost-effective, transparent savings that regulators and ratepayers demand.

Performance-Based Programs Deliver Savings
You Can Count On.

Our approach to utility programs is all about delighting customers
and getting projects done.


Data analytics empower your team to tee up projects for approval quickly instead of wasting a lot of time (and paper) on lengthy reports that sit on a shelf collecting dust.


Achieving results requires action. Our turnkey direct-install approach gets your projects across the finish line faster and with less burden on in-house staff.


With program-compliant measurement and verification (M&V) built into every project from the start, you’ll get results you can take to the boss (and the bank) with confidence.


We help you build on success with the next project. Repeat customers are the signature of our utility program success.

Example Utility Programs

Palo Alto Business Efficiency Program

Palo Alto’s longest-running energy efficiency program has helped the city’s business customers reduce energy use by nearly 35 million kWh since 2009, equivalent to $3.5 million in utility cost savings.

PG&E Boiler Efficiency Program

The Boiler Efficiency Program provided no-cost technical services and cash incentives to help PG&E commercial customers save energy by improving the efficiency of commercial and industrial heating systems. The program ran from 2007–2016.

PG&E School and Municipal Advanced RCx and Tune-Up (SMART) Program

The SMART Program helped public schools and local governments save energy by improving the operation of HVAC and lighting systems. The program ran from 2014–2016.