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Deliver a Higher Performance Place for Your People

Buildings should function the way that owners require.  This might seem like a simple concept, yet too often construction projects fail to live up to expectations. Buildings are complex, and they’re only getting more complicated over time. Today’s new buildings are all prototypes. As a result, even the best design and construction teams can deliver buildings that don’t work the way that the owner intends.

At Enovity, we commission construction projects to ensure that they meet your objectives and aspirations. We bring a “whole-place” perspective to drive successful project outcomes—from the efficiency of energy-using systems to the reliability of critical infrastructure and the measured and verified occupant experience. 

Unwavering Focus On Your Objectives
From Design Through Occupancy

Our commissioning approach for construction projects helps you
document, verify, and sustain performance of the facility assets that are critical to your business.

Owner’s Project Requirements

The OPR explains exactly what your building will be and do, in terms that we can measure and verify.

Design Reviews

We provide experts in each discipline who help your designers focus on meeting your OPRs while emphasizing clarity, simplicity, and efficiency.

Construction Coordination

When issues arise—and they do, on every project—we bring stakeholders together to encourage collaborative problem solving.

Transition to Operations

Your operations staff shadow us during commissioning so that they have a head start on operating and maintaining the facility efficiently.

Construction Commissioning Services


Our experts in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, life safety, and other critical systems verify that your whole facility performs as well as it can. 


Need commissioning for LEED for New Construction, Commercial Interiors, or Core & Shell? With more than 100 completed LEED commissioning projects under our belt, we’ve got you covered.


Commissioning school construction benefits both districts and students, which is why it's a requirement for the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS) rating system.


Commissioning isn’t just a good idea; it’s the law. California’s latest Energy Code (Title 24–Part 6) and Green Building Code (Title 24–Part 11, aka “CALGreen”) both mandate commissioning.


If you’re investing in an energy project, or upgrading critical equipment, commissioning improves your odds of success.


Set your operations up for success with a maintenance program that focuses on your facility’s key performance indicators and leverages a strong computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). 

Construction Commissioning Projects