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Make Sure Your Building Fulfills its Purpose

Every building has a purpose. Whether your organization relies on buildings to provide places to work, to live, to educate or to inspire, that purpose requires buildings to function safely, reliably, and efficiently. Unfortunately, buildings are complex and sometimes unpredictable. So how do you know that your existing facilities are fulfilling their purpose, and that your new facilities will deliver the sustainable environments you expect?

Enovity provides commissioning because we believe that buildings should fulfill their purpose every day. When your buildings function the way they’re supposed to, you realize the benefits through a quality indoor environment that supports the well-being of your people. When buildings operate optimally, they waste less energy and water, and also place less of a burden on operations and maintenance staff.

Explore Commissioning Services

Improve outcomes for any capital project, from ground-up developments to renovations, retrofits, and tenant improvements.

Restore and maintain optimum functionality to align with your current facility requirements.