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Enovity’s Monitoring-Based Persistence Commissioning (MBPCx) Program provides technical services and cash incentives to optimize the energy efficiency of HVAC, lighting, and control systems in large commercial and institutional buildings.

Services Offered

The MBPCx Program offers no-cost technical services and cash incentives to meet your energy efficiency needs. Enovity brings its team of mechanical and controls engineers into customers’ buildings to:

  • Benchmark the building’s current performance (using the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager)
  • Document and baseline existing equipment and control systems
  • Identify opportunities for energy savings
  • Recommend a continuous monitoring tool to ensure that energy savings are sustained and additional opportunities are identified over time
  • Analyze the potential energy and cost savings
  • Verify the energy savings results after implementation
  • Provide a cash incentive to reduce the project cost and improve return on investment

Enovity designed this Program and administers it on behalf of PG&E. Enovity assists customers through the life of a project, from identifying and evaluating opportunities to assisting with project implementation to verifying final energy savings results. Utilizing in-house mechanical and controls engineers with experience in complex building systems, Enovity can also offer services outside of the Program, such as turnkey project implementation and/or commissioning services, controls integration, and LEED® project management.

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