Solutions For Education Facilities

Our approach for school, college, and university campuses helps institutions reach for aspirational performance objectives while staying grounded in budgetary realities.


Our commissioning approach emphasizes design and construction of systems that are operable, maintainable, and efficient in order to reduce the long-term cost of ownership.

Energy Efficiency

Applying data analytics, we help districts prioritize campuses and buildings that are most in need of energy efficiency improvements, assuring the best use of limited resources.

Facilities Engineering

Campus staff can leverage our facilities engineering experience to implement cost-effective maintenance practices that preserve and enhance IEQ over time.

Education Projects

  • LACCD Sustainable Building Program

    LACCD Sustainable Building Program

    As LACCD implements a sustainable building program to redefine the student experience, whole-building commissioning ensures that these new facilities operate right from the start.

  • LAUSD Bond Program

    LAUSD Bond Program

    Commissioning a dozen new construction and modernization projects for the nation's second-largest school district.

  • San Diego CCD Lighting Retrofits

    San Diego CCD Lighting Retrofits

    Renovated college areas are transformed with enhanced lighting – saving energy, improving facility operation, and providing a more comfortable environment for staff and students.